‘About Studying’

So this is my first entry in our journal making in our English 2N subject. We were tasked to write anything about studying. And here! I just like to share this.

Studying? Hmm, I don’t really have much to say about this. Not that I don’t know the word (but I’m trying to), I just don’t know how to clearly and formally define it because even though I frequently encounter it, I don’t do something like it. I like learning so much, but studying? Nah, I get so lazy everytime. For me, it’s just like texting, eating, facebook-ing, surfing the net, the list of your hobbies go on, and then there’s an open textbook or your notes nearby. Or it could be something like vigorously scanning the pages and memorizing some facts and formulas 5-10 minutes before the exam. Tragic. The longest span of time that I’ve spent studying on an exam is the day before it. That’s why other people who can study two weeks or a week before the exam really amaze me.

All my life I’ve been trying to change such study habits so that I could have at least a progress in my grades. I get good and high scores sometimes because of sheer luck and stock knowledge and maybe simply because God just loves me so much. If only I so had many experiences in studying, then this journal would have been a list of how to study effectively.

Instead, I could only give you my secrets and the things that I do so that I could still pass in exams. I am praying that it can help you in some way so that this journal would at least have some purpose.


1. Use a blue ballpen when taking notes. I got this tip from the back of the Nips wrapper saying that people tend to remember something that’s written in blue. And since then, I’ve hold on to it. Most of the students though prefer black ballpen, but anyway you like it, I’m not forcing you really. I just think it’s effective.

2. Have a good night sleep. And then study on dawn. This is what I do sometimes because the mind would work actively the moment you wake up. Staying up late just to study doesn’t work on me because I’ve used up my energy and my mind to get through the day. Definitely, I would already be exhausted. There would still be some energy left to open my book but it would be very tragic then because I would wake up finding myself drooling and the book had already got my saliva. Anyway, I just think it’s best to study when your mind isn’t exhausted and usually it would be morning.

3. Rewrite and rewrite notes. I think this one’s really effective but tiring. What you wrote (and what you read) would eventually be registered on your mind.

4. In Math: Practice solving problems and look for exercises on other references. For you to be expert or master in math, you should practice in solving and looking for more problems; not to suffer, but for you to be better. You should also familiarize the possibilities and the faces of the problems that the professor would be giving.

5. Listen attentively in class. That’s why I don’t study much because for me, I learn more when I listen to the class than read something that’s forced to be read. Don’t rely so much on the notes of your classmate. Also the chances of having more focused is greater when you’re in class (especially when the teacher’s strict) than having to read something alone at home. And when you’re focused, the more details you could remember.

6. Avoid cramming. AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. I don’t want you to end up like me.

7. Pray. When everything’s so difficult and hopeless, just believe in God and believe that he will give you wisdom. This is what I do especially when that certain spooky teacher gives surprise quizzes. God bless us.

Also don’t be pressured so much and get motivated. For me, what matters most is that you’ve learned something on the way that would help you grow up and mature, not just those facts and dates and numbers and formulas. Life lessons are much more important than class lessons because those were the things that you could carry up until you’re in your deathbed.


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