Panglao: What a Beach

Last May 1-7, 2015, for the first time in forever together with the whole Amba family, we had a vacation in Panglao, Bohol to attend the first ever reunion of Fudotan clan. (Fudotan is my grandmother’s maiden name.) And of course, we wouldn’t want to waste the chance of finally being in Bohol, we’ve gone to those beautiful places and feel like we’re tourists. Bohol is famous for having many natural tourist spots. The place is greatly known for two things: ancient churches and beaches.

Let’s start with the beaches first. All of the beaches that we’ve visited were amazing! No exception! A normal beach there would have a white sand (unlike here in Iligan City, 😂) and clear waters with lots of sea creatures and corals as well. Really majestic. See the following images for proof that I’ve actually been part of Bohol’s beaches for once.

1. Alona Kew White Beach Resort


This resort is in Tawala, Panglao. The place is full of damn luxurious restaurants. Why? Because the place is crowded with foreigners. People with different nationalities were jammed up in this place, and who wouldn’t want to relax in such place with its tempting joyous ambience? So this is how noisy and wondrous Alona Beach is. Lots and lots stores I tell you. Everyone is welcome since there’s no entrance fee and no cottages to rent with. If you’re someone who loves to party and to mingle with other people, this is the perfect place for you. Being filled with lights, the beach is really convenient for night swimming. Actually we had night swimming in here on our first night. Tip: High tide comes by 9-10 pm, so come to this place by that time.


So this is the beach, picture taken on the day before we go home. Though this was already sunset. Anyway it’s a must swim beach. 👍

2. Libaong Beach


The first time we saw this beach, we really shrieked out with excitement!! Because at a distance the beach is so majestic! We were so excited to jump off to the sea even if the sun is burning our eyes. Those dark patches were stretch of algaes and when you use your goggles or you snorkeling kit to see underwater (you must not open your eyes underwater because the salt water will really sting your eyes!!), you’ll see some fishes circling round and round and chasing each other.

By 2-3 pm the sea will start to go low tide, by then the waters are now so far from the shore that you’ll still walk a few yards to find a deep water, and also it’s not impossible to encounter some Echinodermata species such as starfishes, “tuyom” or sea urchins, ” swaki”, sea slugs, and many many more.

3. Balicasag Island

May 4 was Island Hopping Day!! This was the first island we’ve stopped, after we had dolphin watching.



IT’S MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACH I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! Despite the very rough pebbles. The waters are very very clear!! And the ocean’s very rich with corals and all. Believe me when I say this that just a few feet from the shoreline you’ll already see big corals and colorful fishes. Somewhere over there, my cousin said she saw a turtle. Really beautiful. It’s a perfect place for divers. Scubadiving and snorkeling is really great to do in that place. Too bad I don’t know how to swim. There were even foreigners that would jump off from their boat in the middle of the sea because it was much better there. Huhu how I wish I could do something like it. Nevertheless, never leave Bohol if you haven’t gone to this place!

4. Virgin Island aka Isla de San Francesco


This place is very beautiful too but it’s grandeur was not shown to us when we arrived. It was high tide and the sand bar couldn’t not be seen clearly. And it was raining when we came. It was still a very splendid view and great place to have a swim with its very white sand and wide shorelines. They have some gardens too where patrons and statues have stood and doves landing on the branches. The place was a paradise. Never miss Virgin Island when you go Island hopping!!


5. Astoria Bohol Beach


The place was superb too. But sorry haven’t got to solo picture the beach, so here is my selfie with the beach at the background. Astoria Bohol is a very luxurious hotel with an infinity pool and a beach, too. You could not go this place tho if you haven’t rented a room. Good thing that my aunt and uncle were rich and were currently staying in that place that’s why we’ve got a chance to get in. 😋 But honestly, I don’t recommend the beach so much because it’s not so natural for me.

6. Doljo Beach


Again, just like other beaches, it was still such a beautiful sight, but very short place to swim, since just a few yards there were already seaweeds. What this place needs is cleaning and maintenance. Actually all of the beaches in Bohol were very beautiful but most were not developed and maintained. I hope they could have a coastal cleanup in here.


SO THERE! Those were the beaches we’ve visited! Now that I get to experience Bohol’s beaches my body now only seeks theirs, the find white sand and clear waters. I am quite so done with the black sand here in Mindanao. Haha just kidding.


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