Dogs have feelings, too

Oh we have a sad puppy here. He wants to be unleashed. And he’s pleading. 😂 (I know it’s not a puppy anymore but we still call him with that, like mothers call their teenage daughters/sons “baby”.) Its name is Ringo.

This dog has a terrible past back in his birthplace, you can see it. By the time when we adopted him he never goes near to us nor let us pet him. He even “grrr” s every time someone goes near to him except my cousin which is his favorite person. She’s the one who treats and feeds him well before when they also adopted him. But he never reacted the same towards us. It’s like that something  happened to him before that broke his trust to humans. Maybe he was maltreated and was always terribly spanked at. He’s just being defensive and all. As time goes by, he learned to trust us and he became the most gentle dog. He learned to make friends with other people easily. But now that he has grown so much, other people would get scared of him, and his jumping and cuddling/hugging would always be mistaken as attacking which is a frightening act to others.wpid-2015-05-26-12.54.26-1.jpg.jpeg

The dog whose once heartless and full of hate now turned to be a friendly and lovable dog. Also he’s now easily attached to people who treats and pets him well. But of course, his past attitudes (usually his aggressiveness) were quite inevitable to suppress, and which are usually aggravated when we try to scold him or when he’s just protecting his older “brother” (our other dog, Rocky).

So see, dogs are also just like humans; they have feelings. Animals  could even turn their hard hearts to soft ones, how much more, humans, us, right? 😊


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