‘Cause baby now we’ve got Bad Blood..

I am the most reckless person in the world.

Or maybe and surely I am one.

I don’t know but everywhere I go there’s always something gonna happen to me. Maybe because I get excited too much or I am just trying so hard in making the atmosphere fun that I forgot how to be careful or look at my surroundings or maybe it’s just because it’s who I am, that I am always attracted to disasters and clumsiness. And maybe because I am always out of my mind, so out of focus.

Since I was a child, never have I been not scolded by my aunts and uncles for being not careful or for breaking and ruining things everytime I am left with them by my parents in a vacation. Once, the first time I was sent to away-from-home-and-parents vacation in Cebu, I had done a lot of awful things and awful things happened to me. First I went to the edge of the ship and sang “Near Faaar wherever you are” and imagined myself like I was in Titanic. My uncle was so infuriated by me at that time. I spilled my bowl of Corn Flakes and milk because I was so thrilled to eat something: the cereal with fresh milk (the one that’s in the box). I tried to call my parents in Iligan all the way from Cebu, because I was thrilled to hear them on the other side and it was that time when we had telephone connection. In the end, I still haven’t contacted them and unfortunately, I cost my aunt with certain amount of money because I was trying to have a long-distance call.

Once too I bought an ice cream with a flavor of Spicy Ginger. In spite that there are other yummy flavors, I still chose it because I want to try what it tastes like. And I never regretted to have eaten such a thing in my life! It really tasted like.. Spicy Ginger!!! Stinging all the way down from my throat.

And once we were going home from our aunt’s house, and we’re on the outside of the pickup, so it’s very windy. I easilyi get full of air which results to producing farts. And then at a moment I realized I can’t fart no more, and that I was so all ready to poop any second. But we’re running fast in the highway so I got no chance. I end up straining for nearly an hour in suppressing the call of nature, and finally let it all out in a public CR of a gasoline station. Wew!

And now! I got wounds from Ozamiz City and now becaus eof my clumsiness. I was thrilled again to have bathe in a fresh spring. I was being so noisy and always laughing and talking and all that I wasn’t concerned on what I’m standing. So when I tried to reach out on my shampoo I got slipped and banged my arm and leg to wall of rock, producing some deep and some shallow wounds.

Baby now we’ve got Bad Blood, it made a really deep cut..

This post actually boils down to a realization that despite all of these klutzy moments, the important thing is that I have something to remember, that the journey was indeed memorable, even if it means experiencing pain or being scolded or having pebbles of sweat because of an adventure. Also I get to learn and be careful next time. In that way it’s more worth reminiscing, even if it also means having other people laugh at you even if you’re struggling. And then maybe someday I’ll say that I actually lived. 😆

(But honestly, I don’t want to be klutz anymore because no to SCARS!!)


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