Day 1: It All Starts With Him

So I am posting something that’s about God and most people are just gonna ignore it, maybe because it’s boring or maybe they thought “here’s a religious freak again that’s going to talk about some stupid verses from a book” or maybe because they just don’t believe such thing, such as God, and usually refer Him as “the big man in the sky”. Well, I love you brother/sister and I really pray that you open your heart to Him.

Anyway, I am now starting to read Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I’d started a lot of times before but I always skip a day and end up to not complete the 40 days. But now I’m much more determined because not just I’m going to read but I’ll also share this daily devotion to you with my insights and realizations.

Day 1: It All Starts With God


We all have our dreams and goals in our lives but do you know what’s your purpose in this life? Well, if you do, then congratulations. But me, I don’t. I don’t even know where I’m going or what course I’m going to take. I don’t even know what my talents are so that at least I have a clue to what I want. I don’t even think I have something that I’m good at. So I ended up nothing. Going anywhere, not having a path to follow. But that’s before I knew God. I realized that that’s why my direction’s not right and I’m not pointed to something that I’m meant to be because I’m looking for my purpose in the wrong direction, too! Because my purpose is not about me! It’s about God! It’s Him!

“It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for.” ~ Ephesians 1:11

You may find this realization very absurd because how could God be your purpose when in fact this is your life, it’s not His life. That is because He’s the source of the life your using. You owe it all to Him. Don’t worry if you have doubts in your life because I am, too. Even now, I don’t deny that I still have doubts and questions but that doesn’t mean I’m already an atheist. I am a Christian with a frail heart and weak faith but through Him, He will strengthen it.

If this post doesn’t still make sense, then ask yourself. What on earth are you here for? Ask all the things in your life and why all of that happened and why is it that you must keep going and ask who gave the life out from you. Some people wouldn’t mind to have a purpose as long as they survive in this world and then die, they won’t mind to have nothing to believe in. Well, I don’t think that if you haven’t knew God, you won’t even know death. Because even God made death. Have you not asked what would happen after you die? If you don’t believe life after death then you will certainly not claim that life after death.

I just wanted to say that if there’s no God, life is really meaningless. If there’s nothing to believe in, then there’s nothing really to stand upon. If you deny the existence of Him, then I don’t know what makes you keep your life going.

Sometimes you just have to keep your doubts and questions at bay and just let Him enter you. Once you’ve done that you will know deep in yourself that you already have the answer. Have a little faith brothers and sisters! It’s all that He’ll ever need. :’)

And remember it’s not about you.


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