Meet my classmates!!!

July 11, 2015

Those genuine smiles. <3
Those genuine smiles. ❤

Today is Saturday. And Saturday is review day. We conducted review to select grade 6 pupils of Iligan City North I Central School for their preparation for the upcoming high school entrance exams. And since the review started, Saturday has always been a pressured day. Today’s lecture was very voice-draining, my throat right now is very itchy. I really gave my best effort for today’s discussion and I prepared so much for today, I was even more confident than the past sessions. But I don’t feel tired right now, I feel sad.

Sadness overcame the exhaustion that I should’ve felt. Why? Because the pupils felt that the lesson was very hard and there was that time when I watched them slumped on their seats feeling bored and sleepy, not entertained. I admit that my exam was indeed hard for their level: conversion of units and scientific method. That’s why I think they were so drained with the exam and I got too serious with my discussion. I even forgot to lighten up the atmosphere because I was so focused with the explaining that I’ve exhausted my voice box too much. And I feel like even though how much I had exerted so much effort already, the pupils still hadn’t understood my discussion. Huhuhu I really feel like crying. I don’t want to be not understood. I don’t want them to go out of the classroom, having nothing learned. I hate receiving money/income knowing I was really not worth it.

When they begged for a break, which I hesitantly agreed because I want a break for my throat too, I watched them how excited were they to get out of the classroom and get over with the day. Hayy, they really deserve a break. And when they got back, no wonder they were so energized already. Anyway I just pray that they won’t judge me because of that one session that I didn’t do well. Because I am so determined to do better next time. I love these students, and I hope they’ll overcome the problems and exams that are going to rock their lives.

A selfie took by Myka while others are having their break.
A selfie took by Myka while others are having their break.

Below are some of our first pictures together, because Myka was so intent to have selfies (wdy expect with new generation), and that was the part of my day that I think at least I’ve accomplished something: earning them as friends and ‘siblings’.

Anyone can help me how to make it easy for the children to understand the lesson? Please give me some advice. I really lack in teaching skills so any suggestions and constructive feedback would be very much appreciated. So many thanks!! Lovelots.

A day with kids is always fun. :)
A day with kids is always fun. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Meet my classmates!!!

    1. We were already ‘quite’ friends haha. But I don’t want them to be really comfortable with me because you know, kids, most of them abuse the friendship and they expect too much that’s why I keep myself away from the line. Anyway, thank you! I just think that I was too serious and fast when I discussed last week that’s why they weren’t attentive. Hihi.

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