As I Lay Flat In This Sidewalk Puddle by Rovic Roa


As I lay flat in this sidewalk puddle, I get to see the world and all its wonder.  You see, this is my first time witnessing God’s creation as it was just a few minutes ago when a woman accidentally dropped me, *sploosh!* I could hear,  as I hit the pavement. She was in quite a hurry, I might add, must be late for a meeting.  Ah well, as I lay flat in this sidewalk puddle, I can’t help but be in awe to all the things I see. It’s my first time seeing vibrant colors. The beautiful blue sky catches my attention first, I can’t help but reach out to the heavens above. I see a streak of green that seems to stretch as far as my eyes can see, oh, they’re leaves and grasses! I might as well take a whiff of the fresh air they give out. Ah, you don’t get to breathe this kind of clean air so often you know, pollution is so common nowadays.  Come to think of it, I can see clouds of brown and black at the distant, they’re from cars and factories throughout this city. Oh, and how could I forget this blackish….err… dark red puddle that I’m currently sitting on, yuck! I wish I could move.

As I lay flat in this sidewalk puddle, I continue observing the world around me, when a couple arrives and sits down on a bench a few paces from where I am; now I’m not so lonely anymore. I just hope they don’t see me though, they might not like me. The boy is putting his arm around his girlfriend in a romantic way. Wait a minute! The boy is kneeling down, he is getting something from his pocket, he… he is proposing! I can’t help but smile as the girl jumps forward to the boy with tears streaming down her face as she shouts “yes” multiple times. She looks good, the ring looks good, they both look good. So this is love, huh? What a damn good emotion, no wonder they call it as the greatest power a person can have. I wonder if I could feel love someday.

As I lay flat in this sidewalk puddle, I turn my attention to the park across the street. What a view I see: kids running around, people flying kites, couples holding hand and never letting go, family picnics, wow! What a sweet and simple life. At the far left side, A little league game is happening. A kid who just lost the game is crying at the bench, poor lad. The kid’s father goes to him and promises to buy him ice cream. Now he isn’t crying anymore. He runs to his dad with glee in his face as his mother arrives and hugs him and congratulates him for playing. I envy that kid. I wish I had that, a family, people who would be there for me and comfort me through tough times, who would never leave me. “OH MY GOD! SOMEONE CALL THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES!”. Damn, the couple at the back, they saw me! I knew they would be shaken once they saw me.

As I lay flat in this sidewalk puddle, people are gathering up around me, taking pictures with stunned expressions pasted on their pale faces. This is the only attention that I received ever since that woman dropped me in this puddle…oh, yeah, right. That woman didn’t drop me in this puddle, I MADE THIS PUDDLE… this dark red puddle, it’s my blood. And that woman? Well, she’s my mother. I am unfortunately the product of unwanted pregnancy. UNWANTED. Hehe, funny, erase the first two letters of that word, and it would be all that I have desired. Oh well, my time here is almost up, I can see the light now, it is reaching out to me. At least I got to see the world, even if it was in a bloody sidewalk.

As I lay flat in this sidewalk puddle, I take one last glance at the things I would surely be missing, the green trees, the blue sky, the couple who made me believe in love even though I got the entire opposite of it, and of course, the little kid, the little kid who had the kind of life I wanted, the life I could have had.  He doesn’t know how lucky he is. As I lay fla—–


This short story is written by Rovic Jan Rafael Roa, an 18 year old male. He is now a third year college undergraduate in Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology with a degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Electronics Engineering. This was an entry for some short story contest in the said college. With this story, he is clearly against abortion. He is also promoting an awareness to the youth to be vigilant and educated enough to engage in sexual activities so that we will avoid a phenomenon such as unwanted pregnancy.


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