Freshie no more! I am now Sophomore!


What I learned at the start of my school year  (and tips and lessons learned)

After 4 days of straining my legs and roaming around in school, I am really glad to say that I AM FINALLY ENROLLED! And I successfully transferred to my desired course, Chemical Engineering! The process was absolutely very hassle. Indeed, if you want something, you really have to endure and wait for it. You also have to do everything you can do to get that something. I have experienced lots of waiting, falling in on very long lines (e.g. the way to cashier), receiving irritated and impatient replies of some faculty, getting paranoid because of the gradual closing of subjects, getting lost in the crowd, and being alone and hungry, too. But now, it actually paid off! Whew. Thank you Lord. And that’s why I guess I have to share some things that I have learned on the way.

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Left to Right: Annie Mae, Edwin, Karol, Regine.

Lessons Learned

1. Prepare the requirements. Before going to school, you must first figure out what’s your purpose of going there. And then ready the files and the credentials or anything that is needed for you to bring and to pass. In that way, if ever the adviser would be asking you for papers, then you would immediately give it to them, thus, saving a lot of time.

2. You have to be early. You badly wanted that course or subjects? You wouldn’t want for others to be ahead of you, right? You wanted to pay your fees immediately without having to line up? Then, all you have to do is to be there first. Many have decided to be early too, but at least you’re not that far from the counter already.

3. Learn how to wait. Almost all you’re going to do in enrolment is to wait. Some people are so impatient that even though the chance is just within their reach already and all they needed to do is to stay five minutes longer, but had given up at the last minute because they got tired from waiting. To regret is the last thing you wanted, right?

4. Learn how to do the “awa” factor. This tactic is very much helpful to shiftees (like me) and transferees (like my friend) who, in fact, need lots of mercy from the faculty and especially from the advisers, the ones who’ll decide if they would accept them or not, or to give them subjects or not. We are still all humans and humans have feelings. So if you just ask for mercy and chance, and just state all your reasons why (may be true or not) just to be accepted. Sometimes, in life, you just need to show how desperate you are for something.

5. Dig up some connections. You have a grandmother working in the library? Or a friend of your father/mother that turned out to be an instructor in IIT? Or a family member is working at your school? Then you have an advantage! It’s much easier when you have a connection or “backer”, as what we call it here in our town, since you can use their names to actually give you power and authority for a period of time.

6. Do not worry so much. Worrying takes time and everybody needs all the time that they needed for them to shift or transfer. So if I were you, I wouldn’t use and waste my time for worrying. I’d rather use it for trying and asking. Everything has a reason why it had happened, and all problems has its own solutions.

7. ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN B. For me, this is the most necessary tip that I could give. I have lots of friends that turned to me to ask for some advice and for help that could actually ease their problems. And I always ask them, “Do you have a plan B?”. I check them with that question so that they’ll be aware of their consequences and won’t panic and be disappointed if ever they’re going to be rejected in the first act. Also, in that way, no matter what, they would be ready in facing anything when they’re put into the battlefield. Make a plan. Make a plan C even, and so..

8. Lastly, believe in yourself. And be strong, because if no one is there to be strong for you, then who will? Just yourself. Believe that you can endure and face what’s going to happen. Believe that there are good plans that are laid out for you someday, somewhere. Believe that the Lord God will guide you on where you’re going to. Have faith that all you’ve given efforts deserved to have a reward and that no matter what, you’d think the brighter side of it.

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These are just some that I’ve learned lately, after being under a lot of pressure from my friends, academics and personal life and problems. These acts made me pass all of the things I never thought I would be able to pass. Indeed, God’s good plans will always make their way through your life.

WELCOME TO MY SECOND YEAR IN MSU-IIT! (Even though this post sounds so happy, that’s because I’m thinking on the bright side. I actually had some problems again. But yolo! Skaler!)


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