Started from the bottom and now we’re here

It takes a big heart to shape little minds. ♥

August 15, 2015, Saturday, which was yesterday, marks our last meeting with the 6th graders of Iligan City North 1 Central School. After eight Saturdays of review or tutorial to the children for them to be prepared for the upcoming high school entrance exams, I really hope that they have learned something from me, from us, because I have also learned so many things from them, too.
I never thought I would have this kind of job at this age of mine. I never expected to earn this much money, too, at this age – money, that I really worked for.

When I was offered with this job, I was really excited, because 1) I love being with kids, 2) I love teaching and 3) money haha.

You might have thought that I was just teaching a bunch of Grade 6 kids and their topics were just simple and easy to teach with, since I am also in college now. I thought that, too, but I’ve never been so wrong in my life. IT WAS HARD. REALLY HARD. 

Children can get easily bored and are easily distracted. They are hard to control and manage. But, nothing is hard as making a lesson simpler than it is.

“If you can’t explain it to a six-year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

The experience I had was something I would never trade for the world. The fun and the frustrations are part of my learning. On the first meeting, I knew I didn’t deserved my salary because I haven’t taught them well enough. That’s why I would always strive to study again the topics because I just can’t rely on my stored knowledge. I just can’t risk the ignorance of the children to be replaced with a wrong idea. They will be bringing it up while they grow in this world. With such experience, I had learned lots of things that affected my growth as a person.
People regard being a teacher as a low-income work and they don’t want the job because of that. “I don’t want to take up that course because I will just be a teacher in the end.” JUST?! No way. Teachers are whom we should all be thanking for. We owe them for teaching us to read the ABCs, count the 123s and to point out the reds and blues and greens. A teacher’s job, what an honorable thing to do. No matter how low the income was, they are still willing to teach. (Well, there are teachers that don’t teach well, too.)
I learned that we have no right to devalue teachers and that teachers should be careful of what they’re showing and teaching to the students.

Yesterday, since it was our last meeting (for us, Loraine and I), we prepared a last exam– a long and tricky mock exam. The exam was a compilation of the different lessons we taught for the past Saturdays. I discussed all about matter and a part of something like Biology. It made me really happy that many of them had passed the mock exam, meaning they had learned something from my past discussions. So touching :’)

*Just like other students, they are also insistent to take breaks and to go home.* Being a teacher, we are not just limited to teaching topics that are in the course syllabus but we can also teach values and morals. In fact, that’s the most important thing you can impart to them. Bringing them up to become successful and a person that’s full of character, too. What an effective teacher can do is not just teach, but also to influence, in a way that they can become the best person they wanted to be in the future.

This will always be my kind of Summer Job. ☺ 

Thank you Sir Jeff for inviting us for this job.


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