A Good Friend

Friends are hard to come by nowadays. Relationships and friendships tend to sink more easily than ever. Just a small argument and then together, both drown with their prides– friendship broke up in a blink of an eye and had sank faster than Titanic had sank. That’s why we have trust issues. Most people have it, and it’s the reason why they don’t easily trust anyone they just met. I myself has experienced lots of broken trust and promises. I was traumatized by some of them that’s why I tend to only befriend people but not get too close with them.

Except, my YFC community.


I am new in YFC but guess what? I didn’t had a hard time finding new friends. At first, I had distanced myself from them since they’re already a group of friends and I don’t want to be just a recruit because I looked lonely and alone. I don’t want to butt in in their friendship too. But, fortunately and unexpectedly, they were the ones who invited me in, who wanted me to be in their group. My first close friend there was actually Edwin, also the one who invited me in YFC. And then, he want his highschool friends to befriend me. The amazing thing is that they were really easy to get along with and very fun to be with, too! I can really feel their kindness and friendliness; and their good vibes aura was really hard not to notice, because it’s radiating from within them.

I am really happy that I get to know them and had the chance to be friends with them. I know the bond will be strong because our bond was formed together in Christ. My brothers and sisters in Christ. :’)


So what thought has dawned on me that made me post something like this? Here it is, last Friday, August 21, 2015, we had our Covenant Orientation at St. Augustine Parish. This was an event where YFC graduates are properly oriented and readied for the upcoming activities of the YFC community. So, Maan had kept me accompanied since we’re groupmates and we were seatmates the whole time.

One moment, she asked my age and to which I answered 17 and will be turning 18 this November. She then teased me that I should invite them in my birthday, because obviously she was anticipating a debut celebration. But then, sadly disappointing her, I said that I won’t be celebrating my birthday. She hesitated and said, “Hala, ngano man? Dili oy dapat magcelebrate jud ka!” (What? Why? That can’t be, you must celebrate your birthday!). I just laughed and then she continued, “Nah, bahalag magpansit lang gud ta tas magmovie marathon, payts na kaayu na! Manlaag ta ana Gillian ha, tas kaon2 lang gd ta sa inyo.” (No. We can at least prepare some pansit and then we’ll have some movie marathon. We should go out Gillian, and then maybe celebrate some at your house.) And I was really touched :’) What touched me with those words was not about the plans and the things that we’re about to do, but her thoughts. She actually thought about that. She actually suggested that we could celebrate my birthday together with them, even though we’re still not that close– but she only looked through that, and it seemed that it didn’t matter not being a part of them before. It’s really the thought that counts. 😆 No one has ever said that to me and had plans for me since I decided that I would not be celebrating my birthday anymore. Not even my long-term friends. Huhu i cri.


It made me very happy. Really happy. We found love in a hopeless place, indeed. And love includes friends. And for that, I’ve now considered the thought of celebrating. :’)

Posted by Gillian Amba. A 17-year old girl who loves exploring new things and is currently trying to find a place in this world.


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