Public Speaking Tips from a TOSP

From one of the TOSP or Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines. It was really a privilege to have been heard a concise speech from such person. She is Ms. Lynrose Jane Genon, an AB English graduate from MSU-IIT and the first to have been a TOSP in the said institute. She was invited by our English 3 teacher to have a short speech giving us tips on how to speak in public well. I hope these tips had given me effect and I hope these will help you too. These are the following.


Eight Golden Tips

  1. Have Confidence. Not because to intimidate others but so that you have strength in blowing those thoughts out. Just believe in yourself that you know what you’re saying and that you can do it.
  2. Relax. Don’t look so nervous. In fact, don’t let the audience know your nervous. Don’t let them know that they get into your nerves. Relax because the audience will not be relaxed in listening to you if you’re not relaxed.
  3. Keep it simple. Simplicity is the key. Don’t use words to flaunt and impress your vocabulary. Your goal here is to relay the message clearly to everyone, that’s why talk to everyone in a way that they can understand. Just keep it simple and straight to the point.
  4. Slow down. The audience is gonna try to hear every word that you’re going to say so if you’re going too fast, he/she might not catch up with you. So what’s the point of speaking in front if your audience have not understood any word you’re saying, right? So always remember to slow down and learn to take pauses.
  5. Convey passion. She said that great teachers do not often come as students with high grades, ringing ‘cum laude’ honors, stellar academic performances, but instead, they are the students who are armed with just their passion to teach and speak. Love speaking and learn to have a passion with it.
  6. Variety. Add spice to your speech. Tweak your voice. Give emphasis. Vary your tone and pitch in speaking. Twist and turn your speech just like its art, because language is an art anyway. Good delivery is the key to attracting listeners. Boring delivery will lead to bored audience.
  7. Let it flow. Fluency is essential. Continuous flow of thoughts is necessary when delivering a speech so that your listeners will not be left hanging. Yes, pauses are essential but don’t take it too long.
  8. Lastly, maintain eye contact. Eye contact is everything! That is because through it, you make a connection with your listener, to catch his/her attention. Eyes are the windows of our soul, so they relay the message before the words were actually out from our mouth. Imagine those math teachers who always turn their backs from the class while discussing and just face the blackboard the whole time, have you learned something from them? And do you actually trust those people who have a conversation with you without having to maintain an eye contact with you? Just no. Keep your listener’s eye contact intact.

These are the tips she had given us. I hope it will help you too. As for me, I’ll always take it in my mind. Cheers to the great public speakers we are going to be someday!! #feelingpositive


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