Orange Claw: Seafood Resto in Iligan

i ♥ OC : For seafood lovers out there

After we had our PE, Jo, Potoy, Ed and I craved for something unusual, not those typical fastfoods, that can save us from hunger. We are just students with enough money to survive for the week and here we are in a luxurious restaurant willing to make ‘sugal’ and it’s just the middle of the week. We made an agreement that once we entered the resto we must not back out no matter how costly it is going to be. Orange Claw is still located on Permites Rd., near Frappella and Pizzarella. Visit this place Iliganons and tourists! More details below about our adventure and a glimpse on their food! 🙂

CAUTION: The following may cause ‘moreishness’! (aka food craving)

Below were the food that we ordered.

1. Orange Catch is dish that has crabs, shrimps, mussels, squids mixed together, garnished in a spicy sauce. Actually you can choose the level of pungency. You can also choose to just avail them individually, not mixed. This costs Php399.


2. Orange Basket is another bundle that has tempura, calamari, and fish fillet in it, with two free different dips of your choice. We find this more worth it than the Catch. This costs Php229.



3. Cheesy Baked Tahong, the name itself explains what this food is and how it is prepared. It was delicious but so ‘bitin’! They should’ve provided more. Haha. This only costs Php 119.


Not only that they have good food, the place has its peaceful ambiance that could add to the mood of the customers. It also led us to do some photoshoot for documentary purposes. I hope you can visit this delightful restaurant someday!


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