All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven | A Book Review




I had finished reading this book way back February and I made this review at that time too, but posted in tumblr. So here’s my thoughts of my book. Among all the books I’ve read in my life, this one has affected me most. I had a good cry (and tantrums and wailings). Witness more of my feelings below.



In a Nutshell

Theodore Finch is a boy who is addicted in suicides (he knew lots of people who committed suicide and how they did it). One day, first day of school, he went to the bell tower to see how it would be like to die from jumping from a ledge six stories up from the ground. And in that moment, too, he saw Violet Markey, standing on the same ledge but on the other side. In the end, Finch is the one who helped and saved Violet.

Their lives are then changed forever. Finch was really inlove with Violet and together they had gone into wanderings, which turned Violet a strong woman, who had once been a  girl whose life is haunted by the death of her sister, while Finch had his world shrunk, gobbled up with darkness, but for Violet, he is trying to live.

Up in the Clouds

I DON’T HAVE WORDS BUT TEARS FOR THIS BOOK. HUHU. I am still not okay of how events turned in the book, my heart is not yet at ease. It is just too beautiful and melancholic and heartbreaking. I love Finch and I hate how people are treating him. (But it really opens my mind that sometimes we do this to our friends, bullying, but maybe we didn’t see it underneath that he’s also hurting.) My favorite part is really the Jovian-Plutonian gravitational effect and the wanderings (It’s not what you take, it’s what you leave). I really love Finch. And he broke my heart to thousand pieces.

On the Contrary

I don’t like Violet big time when she said those words to Finch! HUHU. She knew that Finch is suicidal so why leave a person in a state like that. She should have at least a bit understanding there. Huhu I really think that it is all because of that that Finch’s depression became worse. He could have been saved. (Huhu anyway, if Violet is real, she would be blaming herself too and I know I am still one of those who’ll comfort her and tell her that it is not her fault.) HUHU if I were Violet, I could never recover.



Overall Impact: This is a 5/5! It gave me too much feels and I know I am now forever changed by this book. “Forever changed.” I REALLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO READ THIS, because it is really essential for us to know the side of people who commit suicide and who has mental illness. Also, Jennifer Niven (@jenniferniven) writes beautifully, so it really is a must-read!

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2 thoughts on “All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven | A Book Review

  1. I read this book some time ago and reviewed it too. I was disappointed. Finch wasn’t suicidal. I never saw the darkness in his thoughts. Rather, he was a teenager who had it all – freedom to do wild stuff and a hot girlfriend. There wasn’t a convincing psychology. I never understood why Finch wanted to die and based on suicide forums, suicidal people are very good at explaining this.

    In fact, I found myself thinking that if I were Finch I’d be the opposite of suicidal. Niven was too afraid to probe the darkness.


    1. Hi. Thanks for interacting. 🙂 I just want you to know that you don’t see darkness on Finch’s thoughts that’s because, I guess and I assume, Niven is indeed in denial of too much darkness or as you said “too afraid to probe the darkness” or that’s just Niven’s capability to withstand darkness if she was on Finch’s shoes or it’s because maybe for you, you had experienced worse. But that doesn’t mean Finch’s darkness is not as deep as that of compared to a suicidal person or as yours. Just because it was described in the book that he has freedom ( girlfriend, bands) doesn’t mean he felt the same way inside, happy and free. I assume you know the feeling to have that empty hole inside your chest, wanting to die but just waiting for the right moment, and no matter how hard you try to be happy, you just go back to that state, of that longing to end all of the suffering in this world of living. I can’t blame you, you know, it is indeed a cruel world. But I know I haven’t known much suffering as you do, but I do know the feeling of wanting to die. I know, I was there.

      Bottomline is we are all different– it’s because of what we’re made of. The problems of a person may not seem so heavy to me because I find it easy to solve but to him, maybe it really sucked and it may cause him to break down. Because the truth is, there are no heavy nor shallow sufferings. A suffering is a suffering. And all of us are and will experience it. We must help each other and pick up the lost and down. Respect and understanding and love. I really liked that you shared your thoughts with me. I really pray and hope that you’re not going to do it, or I hope your ambivalency will stop to a decision that you want to live instead despite the negative things in life. Twas nice talking to you. 🙂


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