The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis | A Book Review

(I have made this post months ago and today was just the time that I posted it on WordPress.)

Finally I had started this thick book and finished 1/7 of it. I am glad that I finished reading the first part for 2 hours. This book is an all-time classic, good for all ages. Read my views about it below!

In a Nutshell

It started with two friends, Digory and Polly, and a magician. These children had become experiments of the magician, using the rings that he had invented, and had an encounter and woken up the Witch. The rings had given them the chance to explore new Worlds and to witness the birth of Narnia. There, they had watched where the world had started by the Lion who governed it all.

This book was all about Digory’s journey in finding and reaching Narnia, a story that is the beginning of all the other stories.


Up in the Clouds

I am so elated that had finally took a step in starting this book! Magician’s Nephew had paved a way to answering my questions on how the wardrobe in The Lion, Witch and The Wardrobe had come into view and why does it have magic. It’s more of a tale telling the history of Narnia and of the witch and the wardrobe. The creation of Narnia by Aslan is a lot similar on how God had created the universe described in Bible. Through C.S. Lewis’s story, the story of creation in Bible was much easier to imagine now.

On the Contrary

I still have questions on how Aslan had came into that World, and who made him. Maybe that part, C.S. Lewis had forgot to explain. (Or maybe, it can’t be answered.)


Overall Impact: 4.5/5!! I like it so much. It gave me thrill and excitement that it made me want to read the next books immediately! I think Chronicles of Narnia is a must-read especially to the bookworms and the not!

Credits to for the title of this series and the style for book reviews.


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