Throwback to May 27-29, 2016

Okay yes late post. Haha sorry. After how many weeks I’ve got the mood to update again! So hi guysss!

I’ve been in YFC for still just a year! Graduated last May 17, 2015. I may be new in this community but it had great impact on my life. I’ve been much closer to the Lord through YFC, my faith was strengthened. The month of May is really intended for youth camps– YFC communities (chapter/cluster-based) simultaneously conduct such event. The camp is a gateway to the youth in entering the YFC community and of course in knowing and serving God more. This year’s camp is brandished with a theme of “Rejoice, Pray, Give Thanks”. I was a participant back then but this year I joined Youth Camp as a servant, hooray!!

Now being a servant was really different from just being an ordinary camper. And indeed it is because of the differences that I realized that I have changed, for the better. This post would’ve been a comparison of what it feels like to be a servant and a participant but I think I would spoil some of the events in the camp, which is discreetly talked about since it’s a surprise for the new participants. Hihi sorry.

Anyway, firstly, I am so happy that I was given the chance to serve the camp. I was really honored to be a steward of Christ’s love and grace. It was nice to see lots of harvest. I can imagine myself from the new participants that are drowsy during the talks, shy during the presentation, and were trying to participate as much as possible. I was also like that once. Now that I served, I realized how important what I’ve been doing and it was something not to be slacked off. But we get to sleep, too but for just 4-5hours. (see photo below) As what had Edwin said that the camp’s never gonna be in our comfort zone but it’s going to be God’s way of making us learn.

Secondly, I am so happy that this camp had happened to my life because nothing beats the feeling to be surrounded withCHRIST-CENTERED PEOPLE! Everyone handles every situation with love and joy, through Christ’s guidance and influence. I am so happy too to be able to start having friends with the Palao-1 people, hand in hand we worked together for the success of the camp.

The E-night was a blast!!! For the first time I get to perform confidently in front of the people at first I was consciously hanging out with, but it turned out very well. Cheers to more pakulo and kabuangs!!

I left the camp full of happiness in my heart because of course God has filled me again with His love and mercy. I am really blessed. Blessed enough that until now I can still feel the camp vibes. I’ve learned so much that I can’t wait for the next camp because I am so eager to apply what I’ve learned again.

I went home filled with joy and love, and I carry in my heart are new friends and a God consumes and loves my whole being. 

This cluster was really meant for each other. Backing up each other in times of happiness and in sorrow. This is how great God’s love is. This lot was brought together by Him!! We are the chosen Young People Being and Bringing Christ Wherever We Are! ♥ I had never regretted to be part of this community and I decided to stay loyal with it. I love You Lord! Thank you for everythingggg!


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