Mt. Agad-Agad Adventure

Iligan City is known for its wondrous and countless waterfalls but it's also famous for Mt. Agad-Agad. (Or I think so, because some people don't even know where that is, so I guess not so famous.) But anyway, we went there yesterday, June 5, 2015!! With my friends and Sir Ronnmarr. It's a second time … Continue reading Mt. Agad-Agad Adventure


Panglao: What a Beach

Last May 1-7, 2015, for the first time in forever together with the whole Amba family, we had a vacation in Panglao, Bohol to attend the first ever reunion of Fudotan clan. (Fudotan is my grandmother's maiden name.) And of course, we wouldn't want to waste the chance of finally being in Bohol, we've gone … Continue reading Panglao: What a Beach