Public Speaking Tips from a TOSP

From one of the TOSP or Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines. It was really a privilege to have been heard a concise speech from such person. She is Ms. Lynrose Jane Genon, an AB English graduate from MSU-IIT and the first to have been a TOSP in the said institute. She was invited by … Continue reading Public Speaking Tips from a TOSP


A Good Friend

Friends are hard to come by nowadays. Relationships and friendships tend to sink more easily than ever. Just a small argument and then together, both drown with their prides-- friendship broke up in a blink of an eye and had sank faster than Titanic had sank. That's why we have trust issues. Most people have … Continue reading A Good Friend

Started from the bottom and now we’re here

It takes a big heart to shape little minds. ♥ August 15, 2015, Saturday, which was yesterday, marks our last meeting with the 6th graders of Iligan City North 1 Central School. After eight Saturdays of review or tutorial to the children for them to be prepared for the upcoming high school entrance exams, I really hope … Continue reading Started from the bottom and now we’re here

Freshie no more! I am now Sophomore!

What I learned at the start of my school year  (and tips and lessons learned) After 4 days of straining my legs and roaming around in school, I am really glad to say that I AM FINALLY ENROLLED! And I successfully transferred to my desired course, Chemical Engineering! The process was absolutely very hassle. Indeed, … Continue reading Freshie no more! I am now Sophomore!